i saw three ships come sailing in

I love Christmas
All my family comes together
And the family of my family
And the friends of the family

Christmas is not a pair of woven stockings from your ant
Not the cider and a two day hangover
Is not a religion or a 3 hour long mass,
Neither the 4 kilos you gain obligatorily
Are not toys left all over the place…

Christmas is a state on mind
Being positive
Rest the ending year
Make a pause to reflect
Sing out loud
While steam comes out of your mouth,

Being thankful of all your work during the past year
That gave you food
And a home,
And sustenance.

Christmas is love
Is coming back to your home
And slice a turkey between all
Making jokes of the hair dresses
The costumes,
And children dancing around a tree.

The dog barks to the visitors
And you feel loneliness ends,
Sing like a choir of angels
Even though everybody is already drunk.

Is not a crowded shopping centre
Nor the congested streets
The hurries to close the business
Or entire fortunes spent in plastic vacations.

For me, everyday is Christmas.
And I love you all the time.


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Chico Migrana dijo...

oye pero si la fragata sarmiento es solo una

Chico Migrana dijo...


hugo dijo...

hola luego de siglos.