so long so long and thanks!... for all the fish

By the time you´ll be reading this mail,
i´ll be flying,
my trip will be just beginning.
One of my destinations: Buenos Aires.
I haven’t stop thinking of that.
I must say I feel a special emotion about living for some weeks (maybe months) in that city,
but as weird as it may sound
-or read-
Buenos Aires is just a step in my quest for the South.
Like a winter bird...
For me it´s like the end
of a cycle;
at this point of my life
I have many plans,
many ideas,
but also many experiences,
tons of fears,
many thoughts,
many feelings
on which I have to think about.

I am scared of myself
and tired of all this loneliness.

Far far away from here...
I want to be
and the worst of me
will remain

For some weeks
the world I know will stop,
knowing that at the time it resumes
I´ll have you to keep on supporting me
in this journey nobody asked for: life.

Au revoir.


I will stop my life without you.
Please stop thinking that little about me,
loving me at the minimum capacity...
It hurts.
see you around,
when the clock starts

Thanks for all the fish.


Post data para el tercer mundo hispano parlante:
No te fuiste
más lejos
porque aún
no han construído
un transbordador
a Marte.

Sino me invitaste a tu rincón del mundo
me voy a buscar
algo de calor
en el invierno
del otro

(voy a Santiago y a Buenos Aires... se aceptan invitaciones a salir)

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