“Mientras que el Sol aparece”…

In the meantime of daylight arrival
I have decided to take the red pill
Stay in this deamworld a little while,
And believe it is not going to end… ever.

Everyone knows how is it like to be up there…
In that cloud full of sadness,
And as long as you are there,
Nothing else matters.

My dear love, I do not care if this is real or not
… But what is real anyway?
I do not ever want to know if all this shadow
Is going to vanish with the rays of light

As long as I am with you
Let me hold you like nothing is going to take us apart… ever.
Let me dream a little longer
Let me think we will be together… forever.

Because I would rather be unhappy loving you this night,
Than not having loved you… ever.

In the meantime of daylight arrival
I have decided not to take the blue pill…
Not to believe what they want me to believe
Not to wake up without you of this endless night.

2 comentarios:

Zadowsky dijo...

Muy bueno!!! Me gusto mucho el final.

Anónimo dijo...

un poco como Matrix, pero más fino, onda tirándole más al rollo de Alice in Wonderland